Our Services

We offer the following services:

Service 1

Pediatric neurology consultations: we provide outpatient and inpatient consultative services for the evaluation, and treatment of disorders affecting the nervous system

Service 2

In house EEG studies: We offer comprehensive evaluation of paroxysmal disorders with a procedure called EEG. The procedure consists of placing painless electrodes in the scalp of the patients to record the electrical activity for up to 1 hour.

Service 3

Long term ambulatory video EEG monitoring: The procedure consists in having an ambulatory continuous Video EEG study provided by a portable video EEG device. The patient carries a light and small amplifier supported with a belt at the waist level and connected to the scalp EEG electrodes. A portable video camera will be made available to the family to place in a secure area at home with the aim of recording the events of clinical interest. The study provides invaluable information to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of paroxysmal disorders such as seizures, sleep disorders or movement disorders.