Welcome to Institute of Pediatric Neurosciences !

The institute is dedicated to the care of newborns, toddlers, teenagers and young adults with disorders affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. The breadth and depth of our services include outpatient pediatric neurology consultations, evaluation and treatment of epilepsy patients, video EEG  ambulatory studies,  outpatient EEG studies and inpatient pediatric neurology consultations. Our  services are made available to all individuals of our community.

We are located in the  Central Florida region and  our office  is staffed  by a physician board certified in  pediatrics, child neurology and epilepsy  and nurse practitioners with expertise in the areas of pediatric neurology  and epilepsy. The institute  is the premier multidisciplinary neuroscience group to care for your family. We provide evaluation and treatment of most types of neurological conditions, including academic underachievement, paroxysmal disorders, motor tics,  headache, movement disorders,  attention deficit  disorders, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism related disorders, neuro-cutaneous disorders, sleep disorders, neuromuscular disorders, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and learning and speech disorders.

Mission :
To embrace the needs of the patients and their families  we are  privileged  to  serve  and apply to the benefit of each patient, all measures that are required to maintain  their well-being,  avoiding over treatment and therapeutic nihilism.

Vision :
To improve the quality of life and to protect the privacy of all patients we  have been trusted to serve.

Values :
We strive to respect and to treat each patient with the understanding of the responsibility to be a healthcare  provider in our community. We  keep in mind that as members  of the society, we maintain special obligations  for all the patients  under  our medical care.